Conservatory Shutters

A common complaint of conservatories and sun rooms is that they get unbearably hot in the summer months – making interior plantation shutters a great choice. Here at Horizon Shutters, we supply the best conservatory shutters on the market, and the good news is they are made to measure, so will fit perfectly and enhance the sleek and stylish lines of your conservatory.

Whether you need conservatory plantation shutters to help control heat and light all-year-round, whilst protecting your privacy, or you simply want to add finesse to your space, you’re in capable hands with Horizon Shutters.

Our excellent range of Conservatory Shutters

Our conservatory shutters come in various materials, such as MDF and hardwood, and an assortment of painted colours and wood stains. Guaranteed to provide a stunning finish to your windows and offer a degree of flexibility – something you won’t find with other window coverings, i.e. blinds, curtains and drapes – our conservatory window shutters provide a year-round solution. Another great thing about our conservatory shutters is that they can add insulation – especially during cold winter months when the conservatory can become unlivable. They are meticulously designed to repel harmful UV light which helps you to stay cool in the summer yet retain heat during the winter – allowing for a more cosy feel at home. Get in touch with Horizon Shutters for conservatory shutters today! Make the most of your space with premium made to measure conservatory window shutters, fitted with style and efficiency. For a free, no-obligation quote, simply call 01744 520711. If you’d like to discuss your requirements in further detail, no problem – feel free to drop us an email at or complete the online enquiry form, and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular for dressing conservatory windows and doors. Shutters can be designed to follow the shape of your conservatory windows and doors to give a stunning overall look in the room.

Whether you have a conservatory or orangery we can ensure that you have full access to doors and handles, whilst offing a more stylish look than standard window coverings.

  • Temperature control – a common problem with orangeries and conservatories is the extreme heat in summer and the bitter cold weather in the winter. Shutters can help control this by allowing a cold stream of air in the summer and by trapping in the heat during the winter.

  • Stylish – unlike traditional blinds, shutters can be designed to follow the shape of your room removing the messy look of numerous blinds meeting in corners and between window and door meetings.

  • Access to doors – shutters can be designed to allow access to your conservatory doors without any hassle and can be designed to pushed to one side to allow traffic to flow through the doors.

Our range of shutters are manufactured with sun protection which will keep the shutters from warping and discolouring over time. For added peace of mind, all our products come with 5 years warranty.

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